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Kids Playing in Water Signifying Activity

There is a lot of discussion around the Miami water coolers for those that have gone back to work, are going to be going to work again in the Miami offices and there is quite a discussion on the family Zooms that are taking place in Miami about weight gone during the Covid lockdown.  There is a magical number in Miami where the conversation is all about Covid-20.  Covid-20 Miami?  Twenty pounds gained since the Covid-10 shut down in Miami has taken place and even with the reopening of parts of Miami, twenty pounds is more than anybody wanted or thought about as part of the Miami Covid.

So what do we think Miami we should do about the 20 pound weight gain or Miami let’s talk about 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds or any weight gain that we are now worried about taking off.  It’s November 2020 in Miami and the weather is going to be nicer than it is in New York and your New York relatives are going to need your Miami optimism to get through it all.

My medical expert colleagues tell me Miami that there are a few things that would be helpful for all of us to have in place for Covid weight loss.  The first thing Miami is we need a plan.  Miami we need to create new Miami routines around diet, exercise, sleep and stress management.  We need to do something different today Miami than we did yesterday in order for tomorrow to be better for us in Miami.

Miami we want to wake up each day with a purpose which will give us direction Miami and this will help us with our weight loss. We need to have a plan Miami: Wake up Miami, take a shower, eat breakfast and plan an active day, even if it means Miami we are going to do yoga in the middle of the kitchen before we prepare our scrambled eggs.  Miami, my own recommendation is for all of us to take a walk each and every day and get into a Miami routine that rain or shine we will walk – social distance, carry a mask and put it on when we see people, but Miami walking has so many benefits that I will talk about in another Miami blog.