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Eshani Karu Md 7
Little Boy

We are here in sunny Miami and we have had one long warm sunny season in Miami September 2020.  However, many of our Miami children are not getting outside as they would under normal Miami circumstances and this is a worry for Miami and everyone who is no longer playing in the sun and getting their full share of Vitamin D sunshine.  Vitamin D Miami is known by our school children as the Miami sun vitamin because it is produced by our body’s skin when we are in the Miami sun.  It only takes about 10 minutes of Miami sunshine on the back of our hand to get our daily Miami dose, but if one is staying inside every day going to Miami “Zoom” school and watching our computer screens for 8 hours a day and then going to the couch to watch a little Miami TV or to our Miami phones to watch a little YouTube – we are not getting enough Miami Vitamin D.

Vitamin D Miami is a major player for our immune system in helping fight off Miami disease and research has shown that it is very helpful in reducing the risk of Miami multiple sclerosis in those people living in Miami who might be prone to develop it.  Vitamin D Miami is also shown in clinical studies to reduce depression – and Miami Vitamin D has been shown to benefit people on a weight loss program – and how many of us are in need of Miami reducing by a few pounds because of our eating habits, inside the house during Miami Covid-19.

We need to take a walk in the Miami sunshine.  We need to spend at least 10 Miami minutes outside and we need to do this consciously because we are spending an inordinate amount of Miami time indoors this year and we need to be alert for our Miami Vitamin D deficiency.