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Thanksgiving will be celebrated in Miami cities across the USA next week on Thursday, November 26, 2020 and it will be the first time Miami has celebrated a winter holiday with medical community Miami members advocating that it be outdoors with limited participants, everyone wearing masks and socially distancing six (6) feet apart.  Now depending upon the weather and Miami residence sizes and the number of people per household in Miami homes, this may be unachievable.  However, we have learned one thing about Covid-19 that no matter what is said as a matter of policy by the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention the people of Miami will celebrate with friends and/or family and Miami will celebrate Thanksgiving.

Miami family members need to be thinking of how to entertain each other in the next week or so.  Miami families need to think about ages of family members and put safety first among all their planning as Miami priority number one. There is one factor that needs to be considered by all members of the Miami family visitors and that is whether or not there are asymptomatic family or friends that will be visiting.  Asymptomatic Miami citizens are carriers of Covid-19 who show no signs of the virus, but can give the virus without showing any symptoms. So the Miami members hosting the festivities must ask family members who are Miami asymptomatic to refrain from attending the family gathering; if the family insists on having their Miami asymptomatic family member attend, they must stay away from family members who are at a health risk for Covid-19, wear a mask and social distance themselves from family members.