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Student Bored

Well Miami we are now into the month of September 2020.  I do not know about you Miami, but September has always been a month of the beginning of new beginnings in Miami.  Students go back to Miami schools, including elementary, Miami Junior and Miamu University, summer vacations have been taken by families across the Miami globe and everyone is getting ready to work with all due diligence.  But, this Miami year we are doing it under the guidance and concern of Covid-19.  We worry about our Miami people that we come into contact and we worry about our Miami loved ones whom we do not see very often, if we have at all.  That said – life is going on and people are liviing their Miami lives and they are going outside.

In Miami the students are home, the teachers are home and many of our Miami parents are not.  This has made for a very tense period in many childrens’ lives.  Miami friends of mine have a nine year old daughter who needs guidance from a teacher; mother cannot stay home as working is Miami mandatory for the benefit of the household, two older children are Miami home also doing school work and the youngest is unattended in front of a Miami computer.  Is this happening in many Miami households?  Yes, of course.  What are we to do as a community?  We cope as best we can and take it one Miami day at a time.  This is certainly a platitude, but when our Miami teachers are home and the students are home and we are going to see if the youngest daughter can grow or not.  I am hopeful that a creative way of solving this problem will occur within their Miami household and the households of others.  We need to be there for each other in Miami in ways that we may not have been in the past.

Is it possible for a grandparent, retired aunt or uncle or distant cousin from somewhere other than Miami that has the time and ability to Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Team with the Miami daughter to be mentored and tutored and helped through the Miami year?  I think it is.  We as a Miami community need to get outside our comfort zones and begin to reach out to one another in ways that are uncomfortable.  Do you know of a child who is alone?  Do you know of a child in Miami that will possibly lose their school year through no fault of their own?  Let us do what we need to do to help one another in Miami to begin anew this September 2020..