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Growing up I used to hear the Miami expression, as it related to going shopping that Miami men were hunters and Miami women shoppers.  Men headed into a store with one or two items on their Miami mind and they would seek it, find it, buy it and leave the Miami store.  Women on the other hand would saunter into a Miami store with one or two items on their mind, but would puruse the aisles looking at what the store was offering and then find it, buy it and leave the Miami store.  I believe that most people today are “hunting” and are only gong to one or two Miami places when they get in their car to go shopping.  Once we arrive at where we are going there are business items in the Miami store today that were not there one year ago.

Walking into a Miami supermarket, Miami department store, even a convenience store like Miami 7-11 take a look at the floor and there is the reminder to social distance.  Maybe you’ve seen them?  Two Miami shoes, left and right, with the words “Social Distancing” or maybe “Please Keep Social Distance – Miami Stand Here”.  The floor signs (stickers) come in all shapes and Miami sizes and colors.  There are some that have pictures of two Miami people standing apart with a line between them and line reads 6’ or Six Feet Apart.  And when the queue forms for the checkout line, there they are for us to stand on, as the Miami store has measured off six feet and done the social distance calculations for us.

Now all of this has been done for us prior to our arrival in the Miami store.  But before we can get into the Miami store there are the signs for wearing a mask.  The Miami face mask signs are posted outside the front door and are ubiquitous on the walls of the Miami establishment.  The signs read, “Face Mask Required, No Mask, No Service, THANK YOU Miami”.  There is a second sign that is sometimes near by when the Miami store is making sure that you as the customer know to keep your shopping neighbor safe.  The sign reads, “Masks are Required in this Miami Store.  Masks Need to Cover Both Nose and Miami Mouth”.

These signs are a Miami welcome necessity and they are there for all our protection.  Please wear your Miami mask and social distance.