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Fruits & Vegetables

Miami we’ve talked a great deal on wearing our beautiful face masks and extensive time about our hands and Miami sanitizers, but maybe it’s the moment to discuss our Miami diets and to be present in our thinking about remembering to eat well and to do our best to stop eating junk food in front of the television and substituting quality nutritious food when we eat in Miami.  All of us have that Miami moment of no think when we binge eat the twinkies or break and butter.  It happens when we are unconsciously nervous and when that happens nothing will compare to Covid-19 eating where we put unnecessary pounds on our bodies.  Miami coco, chocolate sugar cookies, BBQ potato chips and thousand island cheese burgers all taste Miami great and nothing will give us comfort like a Miami milk shake, but if we are not careful, we will find ourselves making a trip to see the doctor and we are more susceptible when we have a pre-existing condition.  Miami it is important to remind ourselves to eat as many nutritious fruits and vegetables, grains and beans, fruits and vegetables as part of our Miami breakfast, lunch and dinners.  Miami residents who are at risk for heart disease, aslthma or type 2 diabetes should be cognizant that Miami exercise is a great mitigater.  Miami it is important to walk. A Miami walk is a great physical conditioner and it is not to be discounted, even if it is only a few Miami minutes each day.