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Masked People 3

Miami you know it, everyone is saying it, but Miami it is time to hear it again that wearing your face masks when you are out and about in Miami and using hand sanitizer or washing your hands after touching surfaces when out and about allows us all to walk the streets of Miami to do our shopping for groceries and visit our local medical doctor’s offices to take care of our chronic diseases and other errands of importance to those of us living in Miami – and – we can go about our daily lives doing our business of living without having to walk in Miami and fear for our lives, fear of catching the Covid-19 and dying, which is not going to happen for more than 99% of the population.  Keep in mind Miami that people are not dying in the streets like some Los Angles zombie killer movie.  We are able to live a full life in Miami without having to live in fear.  If when you are out and about in Miami and you are wearing a mask and the other people you see are wearing a mask, the odds on anyone getting the virus are 1.5% or lower, which means getting the virus, not dying.  Miami you put odds on top of odds and you have no need to be petrified to leave the house.